Online Grocery Shopping Tips

It’s becoming easier to buy groceries online in Malaysia as more and more supermarkets are allowing their customers to do so. Since most of us would need to replenish our groceries regularly, online grocery shopping from home is a great idea because it’s convenient and time-saving; sometimes you can even take advantage of online sales, which are not accessible when you shop at a physical store. 
Online grocery in Malaysia isn’t just for packaged foods. In fact, shoppers are able to order fresh produce, such as meats, vegetables, dairy products and other groceries online, and get these items delivered directly to their doorstep. 
In some cases, you can even find products online that are sold at a much cheaper price. Moreover, seasoned online shoppers take advantage of online rewards, coupons or offers, too. 

Pros & Tips of Buying Groceries Online

There are many benefits of buying groceries online. Here are some of them:

Save Time

If you have a list in your hand, and you know exactly what you need to buy before you visit an online grocery store, it will take you literally 5 minutes to shop your groceries online. 
Shoppers can spend 5 minutes of their time placing orders in the comfort of their own home, and their groceries will be delivered in no time.


To shop even faster, you can add your favourite items in your online shopping account, and just click on them to order.  


Buying groceries online is a great way to shop within your budget. 
This is because every online shopper can see the total payable amount before buying, and adjust (remove or add items) according to his or her budget.


Here is a trick when it comes to buying groceries online:
Search and add to cart the items you need, and sort the list by unit prices from low to high. As you are able to see all the prices, compare the prices of different brands, and choose the one that will let you save more money. 


Be Environmental Friendly, Save on Petrol & Parking

With online grocery shopping, you don’t need to burn a single drop of petrol. In addition, no parking fees are required. 


Grocery delivery can really help you save money too. Here are three ways to further reduce delivery costs:
  • Check if your online grocery store offers free delivery when you buy a minimum amount. This way you can shop less frequently and take advantage of bulk specials to benefit from free grocery delivery. 
  • Ask if they have any special free delivery offers.

No More Impulse Shopping

Impulse shopping makes you spend more on unnecessary items. Buying groceries online makes it harder to impulse shop, because you are not walking around the store checking out everything they have to offer.

You can easily shop for exactly what’s on your list and nothing more. 


Say goodbye to impulse shopping when you go for online grocery shopping. Just bear in mind that you will still need to make a list and stick to it. And the best way to make a list is to plan your meals in advance so you know exactly what items you will need. 
As you can see, buying groceries online in Malaysia is for everyone. If you are still unsure whether online grocery shopping is right for you, take a chance, look for online promotions, place your first order and see if it works for you. 
Happy shopping!