Canned Food You Always Need In Your Cupboard

Canned foods equal quick, easy, and nutritious meals. By the end of every month, you must replenish your pantry with some staples that are your favourite.

In fact, canned foods are essentials of a thrifty pantry. Stock it up wisely to stop wasting on calorie-dense, expensive takeout.

For many, canned foods are their first go-to option to get fresh, preserved, and half-prepared meals.

Why Canned Foods Are Preferred Over Fresh Varieties?

According to studies, Americans throw away spoiled fruits and veggies at least twice a week. Rather, the trend is similar in Asian countries.

Canned foods prevent waste of money and food. Here’s why:

  1. Price: It has reasonable rates than fresh foods.
  2. Range: Many out-of-season and foreign foods are available in canned forms.
  3. Sustainable: They have long shelf-life and well-preserved to prevent food waste. Cans can be recycled too.
  4. Nutrients: Canned foods are preserved at their optimal freshness; so they are as nutritious and healthy as fresh foods.
  5. Availability: It’s reliable and convenient to choose canned foods when you are doing online grocery shopping.

Ten Canned Foods You Always Need in Your Cupboard:

Here are the best food items you always need to pull together healthy and delicious meals:

1. Black Beans

When buying groceries online in Malaysia, you must stock up on these high fiber foods. Either heat them up to eat with rice or prepare a vege-bean soup simply by sautéing the vegetables.

2. Diced Tomatoes

Prepare pasta sauce or pizza sauce, or maybe add them to prepare gravy of your favourite cuisine of the day. Or think of quick tomato soup!

3. Fish

You should eat fish twice a week: one serving should be of fresh oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, and tune. You can now conveniently buy seafood online in Malaysia, a fresh seafood option. Or you can stock up your pantry with canned fish containing higher amounts of omega-3. Check out fish ball price in Malaysia.

4. Coconut Milk

Asian curries are incomplete with coconut milk, tomatoes, and even chickpeas. All these foods are available in canned form to prevent wastage.

5. Baked Beans

An essential part of Mediterranean and planetary diets, to fill you up with more fiber to provide energy for longer. Be careful about the sugar and sodium content per can.

6. Corn

You can get whole kernel corn, stuffed with fiber, to help you prep quick salads, salsa, or mixed fried vegetables.

7. Vegetables

In canned varieties, you can get boiled potatoes, cooked peas, baby carrots, corn, and red pepper mixes. The foods are available in whole, chopped or pureed form as per your preference.

8. Soup

Meals in a cold-weather without delicious soups are never cozy and warm. A variety of soups can be stocked up in canned form as an easy and quick meal for your kids. Yet, be sure to check the sodium and sugar content.

9. Full Meals

Surprisingly, in canned form, you can get already prepped quick meals that are an easy go-to option whenever the guests are around. Honestly, they aren’t appetizing to look at due to a difficult canning process; but are very nutritious. It’s better to use canned vegetables to prepare a fresh meal yourself with your choice of spices and salt than to eat up saturated fats, extra salt, and sugar.

10. Chickpeas

A can of chickpeas contains a sufficient amount of protein and fiber. It’s a perfect addition to your curries, salads, and maybe a canned soup. A very simple meal to keep in your cupboard is a tomato-chickpea stew—my personal favorite meal option.

How to Buy Groceries Online in Malaysia?

If you’re thinking about getting reliable, fresh, and safe canned foods or fresh foods in Malaysia, there are several services out there. Additionally, you can easily buy fruits online in Malaysia that are as fresh and juicy as you get it yourself.

Final Verdict

Canned foods are a must-have in your kitchen cupboard. Once you are addicted to getting these super-nutritious cans, it’s irresistible. Shop at Redtick to make your grocery shopping hassle-free!