Types of Drinking Water in Malaysia

Sixty percent of our body and 90 percent of our blood is made up of water. 
Thus it is vital to consume sufficient water in order to help the body function properly. 
Water helps deliver oxygen to the whole body, ensuring the kidneys are working well and maintaining body temperature.  
Today, there are many types of drinking water in Malaysia, which come in different forms. 
There are distilled water, filtered water and mineral water. But which is best for consumption?
Keep reading to learn what we are actually putting into our bodies. Let’s take a look at the different types of drinking water

Tap Water

Tap water in Malaysia is supplied from different water treatment plants around the country. 
But is Malaysian tap water safe for drinking?
The water is safe for consumption, at the time of leaving the water treatment plants. 
However, by the time the water enters our homes, it has a strange taste and odor; sometimes the water color is not clear. 
The water gets contaminated because many older pipes that are made of iron are still in use to supply water users. These older pipes have started to corrode. 
The corrosion gets into the water, and of course, affect the taste, smell, color and the quality.
So in general, tap water in Malaysia is not ideal for consumption and needs extra levels of purification before drinking. 

Boiled Water

A common method is to boil the water before drinking. 
Boiling water will kill germs and also get rid of chlorine and fluoride in the water.
It is very important to boil the water for at least fifteen minutes so that water is safe for drinking. 
Boiling water is a great way to kill germs, but it is not so good to get rid of heavy metals. 
And sadly, heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and iron have been found in Malaysia tap water. 

Distilled Water

To produce distilled water, water need to be heated to boiling after which the water vapor is collected and cooled down to water again. 
The pure water which turns from the steam is  served usually in a bottle form for consumption.
Distilled water has no minerals and no taste but it is safe for drinking. 
It is not recommended to consume on a regular basis as it lacks the minerals that the body needs. 

Filtered Water

Filtered water is easy to obtain because filters can be attached to point of use devices. 
Filters come in many forms, such as, activated carbon, UV disinfection or reverse osmosis to get rid of bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and pesticides. 
Once the water is filtered, it is safe for consumption. 
Purified and filtered water are not the same, because purified water goes through additional processes. 
For example, Summer Drinking Water, which is available at https://shop.redtick.com/store/summer-drinking-water-15l is RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. 
Reverse Osmosis is a water purification process that removes ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.    

Mineral Water

The water that is obtained from springs is called mineral water. This type of water is naturally filtered and pure of contamination. 
Mineral water has a large number of mineral salts, such as calcium, salts and sulphur compounds. Depending on the salts presence, the taste varies. 
Mineral water comes in bottle form and are sold by mineral water companies. 

In Malaysia, the two best selling brands are Bleu Mineral Water and Spritzer Mineral Water that check the quality of the water before distribution to make sure the water is, in fact, safe for drinking. 
Bleu Mineral Water is from preserved underground water and it is approved by The Ministry of Health Malaysia; certified Halal by Jakim. 
Spritzer Mineral Water is extracted from 220 million year rainforest that it has not been touched by human hands from source to bottle. It has received ISO 9002 certification and Aqua Awards from the International Bottled Water Association.
The good news is that mineral water is easy to find in Malaysia, you can buy it from any store, or when you order your groceries online so that you can always have safe and pure water to drink. 
Keep in mind that if you order your mineral water online, it is a good idea to order in bulk. As the groceries are delivered to your doorstep, ordering in bulk is not an issue. 

In a Nutshell

All the aforementioned types of water are available in Malaysia, and it all depends on your preference when deciding which type of purification methods works best for your drinking water needs. 
Just make sure you drink enough safe, purified water throughout the day. 
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